Descent Into Space

This is a poster created for a school project, where we had to choose a movie and create our own movie poster. I chose "Interstellar", because I knew that I had a great deal of source material to work from, and I was inspired by the flim.


The Magician's Secret

This is an Isometric illustration showcasing the secrets of famous and classic magic tricks, from a behind the scenes point of view. I added hidden easter eggs, so that the viewer can stare at the illustration and find something new everytime.


Terminator 2 T-800

This is an illustration I have made inspired by the work of Pablo Lobato. I chose to do the T-800 from Terminator 2, because he is a fun character to draw, and I wanted to challenge myself in creating the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger. On the right of the illustration, is a toy design I created to show a different application of the original illustration.


Batman Illustration

This is a batman illustration inspired by an artist that I follow on instagram called "Papyroo". I am a huge fan of his artwork, and so I reached out to him and asked him if I could create a piece that was in his style. He was very supportive and loved the end result, and hopefully one day get together for a collaberation.


Mr.Noodles Package Design

This is a concept package redesign that I have made for Mr.Noodles, that is clean and eye catching. I didn’t want to make the packaging too fancy, because I wanted it to reflect the price point. The original package is very simple and has no art direction. I chose to make a character for Mr.Noodles, because I thought that it would add dimension to the design, and it can be something they can brand off of. I chose the color red, because it is appealing and eye catching.